How I Edit My Instagram Photos

It’s no secret that I love taking photos of Hugo and Holly! If you’ve seen some of our other posts on dogtography you’ll know how much, and if you follow us over on Instagram you’ll see that we post every day! That’s how much I love taking photos of Hugo and Holly! We really do love sharing our adventures!

I like my photos to look light and bright, that’s just me, it doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong it just means it’s how I like my photos to look right now. That could change with time, as my taste changes and as my skills develop but that’s how I like them to look right now.

With a home and family to look after, a job and of course two rambunctious pugs, a hobby often comes third, fourth or most often last in line after everything else. So how do I fit it in every day, how do I manage to fit Instagram in on those mega busy days? Well most days I do use my ‘proper’ camera but I don’t always have time to set something posed up so I might just catch a quick snap that I want to use.

So if I want to use a quick snap, it might not look quite how I wanted it to look, maybe the light wasn’t quite right or I was too far away from my subject (pug!) or maybe I was purposely just ‘pointing and shooting’!

Sometimes it’s actually about being in the moment, not behind the camera! The photo above was taken without looking through the lens! Try it with your phone if you’re not confident enough with a camera!

Anyway back to editing, how do I make my photos look how they look, quickly? By using Instagram editing!

Here’s the before and after of the same photo …


Before Instagram Editing
After Instagram Editing


A lot of people think photography is about having a good camera but that’s like telling Gordon Ramsay he must have a really good oven! If the oven didn’t come up to temperature (or your lighting isn’t right!) then you need to call in the caterers! Instagram editing!!!

Here’s a short video, introducing ME to YouTube (well my voice, haha!) and more importantly helping you understand Instagram’s editing software. Any questions just pop them in the  comments below.

Love and pug hugs xo



  1. Steph & The Spaniels
    19th January 2017 / 9:30 pm

    Great post and cute little video. I edit ours rather similar, although some I put through lightroom, but the insta editing is really pretty good for the job!
    We love your photos xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

    • hugosadventures
      19th January 2017 / 10:43 pm

      I haven’t tried Lightroom, I must give it a bash sometime. Hopefully it’s easier to handle than photoshop! I took a course and still couldn’t understand it!!

      I’d love to be able to take photos as great as yours! xo

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