How to Make Your Instagram Highlights Stand Out!

I’ve recently been loving the pretty Instagram highlights covers that a lot of people have on their profile pages now. I wanted to have a go at creating my own without downloading costly apps or paying for doodles! Here’s what I created!

I created these simple but pretty icons within half an hour and while feeding Harry in the middle of the night! That’s how easy they were to create!

I love how they pull my profile together and I can create different moods depending on the colours I use too!

I was so pleased with them that I wanted to share how easy they were to make for anyone else who, like me, loves the look but is a bit overwhelmed at the thought of creating them!

I created these using the PicMonkey app on my iPhone which you can download for free. I’ve used PicMonkey on my MacBook for years too. There’s a basic plan or you can pay to upgrade to Pro for more features. I’ve had both but created these using the basic plan which is free.

This is what the app looks like in the app store.

And once you’ve downloaded the app and opened it, this is what you should see.

The top section that says stickers here will swipe and change but the rest of it should look the same.

I had specific background colours I wanted to use and had screenshots of them so I worked with the edit a photo selection (click edit a photo and choose your photo). If you don’t have a photo background and want to start from fresh then click blank canvas and your screen will look like this. If you choose background it’ll bring up a huge selection of colours and the option to change to opacity too.

Which ever way you get to it, edit a photo or blank canvas, you’ll end up here, with the editing options to choose from at the bottom.

If you swipe through the editing options you’ll see ‘graphics’ choose that

You’ll get this screen where you can scroll across to choose a section and then swipe up and down each section for all the icons available.

Choose an icon. You can change the colours of most of the icons, the pizza for instance is made up of three colours, a colour background, a white outline background and a black outline. I made the backgrounds transparent and changed the black outlines to white. You just have to press the icon you chose and the colours will pop up at the bottom.

Just press save, camera roll and then head on over to your instagram to upload it.

In Instagram press the highlight button you want to add a cover to, then in the bottom right of the screen press the three dots … with the word more underneath. up pops some options, choose edit highlight, then edit cover, choose your new icon from your camera roll and hit done!

Hey Presto!

I hope you love creating new highlights covers!


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