Sleepy Sunday

Sleepy Sunday has become a bit of a thing in our house now that I’m having a baby! It was always a bit of a thing for Hugo and Holly but I’ve joined in over the past few weeks!

We get up around 6.30/7 and Hugo and Holly go for a big walk. We all have breakfast when they get back and then what’s left of the housework gets done, a few loads of washing go in and out on the line and by about 1pm I’m ready for a sit down and a cuppa. Inevitably a sit down turns into a pug snuggle because Hugo and Holly are both ready for a rest too, after the long walkies and all the supervising they’ve done!

A few weeks ago whilst we were having our pug snuggle I put the TV on, there was nothing on so I flicked to the movie channels, Bridget Jones Baby was on and I settled down to watch it. The next thing I know, the titles are rolling and Holly’s licking my face to wake me up! Hugo was still fast asleep but as soon as I moved he stretched and jumped down off the sofa. It felt so indulgent but so necessary at the same time! And Hugo and Holly absolutely loved it!

Last Sunday I purposely made sure everything was done by the afternoon and searched for a film I could fall asleep to!

I wanted to watch Elf, I’ve seen it so many times before that I could pick it up half way through if I did fall asleep! Sadly it wasn’t on, in August, I have no idea why!

We found something, I actually have no idea what it was now because we all fell asleep almost straight away! It really did feel so indulgent this time but I figure the next 3 months will be the only time I get to do this for the next 18 or so years so I’m making the most of it!

Hugo and Holly love it, so much so that Holly comes to me in the kitchen and paws at me to go sit down when she’s tired! She obviously takes after her mama!

I hope you enjoyed this tiny insight into our lives and if nothing else I can highly recommend a sleepy Sunday!


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