Social Distancing : Entertaining Kids & Dogs

Let me start by asking how you’re feeling?

Scared, anxious, worried, overwhelmed? All of those things? Me too, and it’s totally OK to feel that way, we’re living in a strange world right now.

But we are also full of hope. Hope that everyone will do the right thing and help the world tackle this virus, that the time spent at home will bring families closer giving them precious time they’d never have together and give us all time to slow down and see the beauty in every day.

We have totally isolated ourselves. If I can’t get supplies delivered I venture out but no more than once a week and just me on my own. I hope you’re managing to do the same.

My boys are loving the extra time at home, especially as daddy is home too and the pugs are a little bemused by the lack of walkies and an excess of snuggles!

If you’re social distancing entertaining kids & dogs isn’t easy but if you pop over to Pinterest I’ve filled two boards full of ideas for entertaining everyone in the house!

You can browse the whole of my Pinterest here or visit my specific boards for entertaining kids here and entertaining dogs here. I’ll be adding more ideas daily including some of our own so check back here and click on the links for updated boards!

You can also check out our read, and create posts to keep children entertained and our training posts for entertaining your furry friends.

Our instagram tips and photography posts are worth a read too if you have five minutes to yourself.

I hope our posts help someone in some way during this testing time.

If you need help getting supplies, contacting people or just someone to ‘talk’ to please reach out to your local community or the wonderful Instagram community. We’re on Instagram every day and you can find us here.

Stay safe and be well.


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