Spring Cleaning Goals

I love a spring clean! When you have kids and dogs you obviously never leave it all until spring, but when the sun is shining and the air is warm and fresh there’s nothing like opening the patio doors and making everything look and smell clean! Bring on some spring cleaning goals!

I seem to be constantly cleaning and tidying now with two boys and two pugs but three or four times a year I like to have a big clear out and a good clean up. I usually have specific things I want to achieve with each big clean and thought I’d share a round up of my goals for this one and how I manage to get it all done with two boys and two pugs in tow!

This room was on the list this time round but not my main priority.

Not long back we decluttered the spare room and cleaned the living room carpet and the sofa and repainted one of the walls in there so this time round I’m concentrating on the kitchen. It’s a big room, kitchen and dining room together so we tend to spend a lot of our family time there and it’s well and truly ready for a good going over.

First on my list is getting rid of sticky fingers and muddy paws!

Last year we replaced the floor in this room which has helped keep those muddy paws to a minimum but every few months it still needs a good scrub (not just a quick mop over!) so that’s number one on the list. At the same time I’ll clean the skirting boards down. Skirting boards seem to attract the abundant pug hair so they get vacuumed most weeks (a 10 minute dust hunt with Teddy and the mini handheld vacuum is great for keeping on top of the dust here and for helping Teddy feel involved!) but getting rid of little scuff and crayon marks really makes a difference to how clean and bright the room looks too.

Next the walls. Most of the walls are white so a wipe down, with a magic eraser sponge, on the stubborn stains and a lick of paint on anything that won’t come off is my favourite thing to do! I love white walls but when every single baby food seems to be orange I sometimes wonder at my colour choices! A lick of paint makes the place look like new again!

Juice splatters! No idea how long these have been here!
Wall wiped down and skirting board scrubbed! It took less than 5 minutes but made a massive difference!

Once that’s done, I get the vacuum out again and get in all the nooks and crannies then up in the corners and all around the ceiling where sneaky cobwebs hide.

Then I work down from the windows, giving them and the window sills a good clean This lets more light in and helps the place look clean and bright!

Then the worktops and cupboard doors. The worktops are black and the cupboards are white so both have their pluses and minuses! The black worktops hide a multitude of stains, mostly tea drips and coffee spoon drops! With everyone else out of the room I clear the entire surface and use a bleach spray to make sure every inch is sparkling. Then everything that goes back is cleaned down usually with dettol spray which is great for getting rid of finger marks on glass and stainless steel and leaves it all germ free. The boys bring lurgeys home from nursery every other week so dettol spray is my best friend!

White cupboard doors are great for bouncing light around the room but so bad for attracting finger marks, food splatters and catching drips you didn’t know had dropped! So next on the list is a clean down of all the cupboard doors. Top cupboards usually just need a wipe down with good old dettol spray but the bottom ones need a bit more elbow grease! I use a degreasing spray and a gentle scrubbing sponge which helps make the job a lot easier. It’s amazing how you don’t notice tiny marks but when you’ve cleaned them off you’re like ‘wow’!!

Now last but by no means least, getting rid of that doggo smell!

We love, love, love Hugo and Holly and our home wouldn’t be the same without them but after a while it can start to smell a bit doggo! My action plan for keeping that smell at bay is fairly simple.

They have 3 beds so they all go in the washing machine one at a time. Making sure their beds (or at least the covers) are machine washable is a big factor when choosing a new one! Then their toys need a wash. Hugo has a habit of chewing and licking his current favourites over and over and Holly loves snuggling with hers in their beds so sometimes they really stink! I wash them and put them on an extra rinse to make sure all the detergent is out And then pop them on the radiators or peg them out on the line to dry.

Keeping the clean long after a spring clean is my favourite thing. I can’t wash pug beds and toys every week (there’s already about 57 loads of washing every weekend from the boys!) so I’m loving the gorgeous odour eliminating candles and diffusers from Prices Candles. They’re part of the best selling Fresh Air range and contain a special Odourfoyl technology which works by getting rid of odours and leaving a subtle scent rather than masking the odours with strong overpowering fragrances. It’s such a lovely gentle scent, it fills the room without being too much for little people and little pugs.

The pretty yellow candles and diffusers help me keep our home smelling clean and fresh all year round! The fragrance is created with a blend of orange extracts, lemon and thyme. Plus finishing off a thorough clean with feet up and the scent of a beautiful candle gives me such satisfaction and the long lasting smell of a diffuser means even when the toys (both pug and baby!) are scattered almost instantaneously you feel happy because you can still smell the clean!

The candles last for around 45 hours and the reed diffuser for 4 weeks! There’s a 25% discount over on their website from now until the end of March too!!

Prices Candle and diffuser were gifted but review and opinions are all my own. We love it!


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