DIY Easter Crayons

This isn’t Teddy’s first Easter, but it is the first Easter he might have some understanding of. I think he’s still a little young for the whole chocolate thing but his nursery had a visit from the local Christian Centre where they read bible stories so he’s certainly not too young to enjoy the simpler thing Easter involves.

We made an Easter bonnet for a nursery Easter parade (which he won!), we’ll plant spring flowers over the bank holiday and, inspired by this post from Simplyfying the Everyday we’ll make up an alternative Easter basket. We’ll include seeds, or maybe small plants which are easier and toddler sized garden ‘tools’ because he loves playing in soil!

For Easter baskets for older toddlers we’ll be visiting over the Easter break we’ll include Easter stickers, a colouring book and we’re making these cute DIY upcycled Easter crayons to include, just in case it’s a rainy Easter weekend!

Supplies list

Easter themed silicone mould (we used this one from Amazon)

Old/broken crayons (we used thesenew crayons because we don’t have broken ones, yet!)

How to

Remove the paper and break the crayons small enough to place in the mould.

Then I put ours on a baking tray to make removing it from the oven easier. Place in a preheated oven (100 degrees C) for around 10 minutes until the wax has melted.

I found that I had to top them up with extra crayons after they’d been in the oven for a bit. I don’t think I cut my crayons small enough and am considering grating for the next batch.

Carefully, very very carefully, remove the tray from the oven and leave to cool a little before transferring to the freezer for about 20-30 minutes to speed up the hardening process (I’m so impatient!)

When the bottom of the mould is cool you can start removing them! Gently stretch the mould a little around the sides before pushing each crayon out from the bottom. Be gentle and don’t rush this part or you might break some of them (if you do break some you can just remelt in the mould and try again!)

You can use different moulds to make different shapes and I’ve seen some dinosaur moulds which are my absolute fave! We’ve also tried large letters and will make names for party favours for Teddy’s next birthday!

Teddy already loves his letter crayons (which are big enough for smaller toddlers) and we’ve bagged some of the Easter crayons up in pretty packaging for our baskets!

Whatever you’re doing this Easter, we wish you a very enjoyable time!

Happy Easter!


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