Heart Shaped Valentines Treats

So Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! We don’t overly celebrate and in all honesty I do wonder if we’ll even exchange cards this year (which I don’t mind) but I do love the sweet treats and the love you can show family and friends without jumping on the commercial band wagon.

This year Teddy and I made chocolate goodies for his nursery teachers and I can’t wait to give them out!

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, here’s what you’ll need.


Heart shaped chocolate mould

Milk/White/Dark chocolate


Favour boxes (something to put them in)


How to

We melted our chocolate in a bain marie (a bowl over a pan of boiling water) but if you want you can try melting the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Just do it slowly so it doesn’t burn. 20 seconds and then 10 seconds at a time.

With the sprinkles you can either put them in the mould first or sprinkle them on after the chocolate. We tried both. If you put them in first they sit flush with the chocolate but if you put them in last they cover the base of the chocolate. You could even try both!

So put your sprinkles in the mould (or not!) then slowly spoon the melted chocolate in. Teddy did the sprinkles but just watched from his high chair for the melting and spooning in of the chocolate. Be really careful as it’s very hot! Our mould was tiny (about 1cm for each heart) so I used a cocktail stick to stir the chocolate in and make sure there weren’t any air pockets.

Once the mould is full add your sprinkles (or not!) and then place in the freezer where the chocolate will quickly set.

We did about 4 batches using all three types of chocolate and various combinations of sprinkles. I did try colouring and flavouring the white chocolate but it didn’t go to plan but give it a whirl if you’re feeling brave and have the time.

Once all the chocolates had set it was time to box them up. I used small clear plastic pillow boxes (from ebay) and put equal amounts of each colour in so it looked nice. Then the finishing touch of a red or pink ribbon and we were done. You could add a handwritten tag if you wanted or thread a paper flower on the ribbon before you tie it.

I can’t wait until the 14th to hand these out!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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