5 Signs You’re a Crazy Pug Lady!

5 Signs You’re a Crazy Pug Lady!

Everyone I know thinks I’m a crazy pug lady!

We have several pug mugs because someone always brings one back from their holidays for us and of course every Christmas we get pug calendars galore {Take a look at our post Organise Your Pugs if you do too and you want to know how to put those calendars to good use!!} and we always get a snapchat if someone sees a pug or something with a pug on!

They know me so well, I do love pugs!

Here’s five signs you’re on you’re way to becoming a Crazy Pug Lady, or lad, too!

1 – You have more than one pug! You may have several and they’re all classed as members of the family.

2 – Your house is awash with dog toys. And you still buy new ones every week!

3 – Your pugs comfort comes before your own. I’m talking squished on to one corner of the sofa while the pugs stretch out and you daren’t move in case you disturb them!

4 – You greet your pugs before you greet your spouse. Heck, they run to the door to meet you when you’ve only been gone 4 and a half minutes so they’re always getting the first kisses!

5 – You’d rather stay in and snuggle with the pugs than go out. Humans are so over-rated anyway!

I got 5 out of 5, it’s official, I am a Crazy Pug Lady! How did you do?


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