Brain Training for Pugs

The words pug and brain training probably sound a little strange in the same sentence but although pugs don’t really require a huge amount of physical exercise they most definitely do need to exercise their brain!

This doesn’t necessarily mean just obedience classes, it can be something as simple as playing games in the garden or walking a different route so they get to experience different smells and meet different people.

brain training for pugs
Treat ball! A brilliant self rewarding brain trainer!

Of course obedience training and simple tricks can be part of your pug’s brain training, just mix it up a little! Hugo loved his obedience classes but he did get bored when they became a little repetitive. He may look lazy but it’s one thing he really isn’t, he loves learning new things and he’s clever enough to know that when you have a treat in your hand, a high five from him will mean he gets that treat!

When Hugo first came to live with us he used to run and fuss me as soon as I came through the front door and it used to drive me crazy, until I realised he’d missed me and he just wanted to spend time with me! While I was stressed because I’d been out to the supermarket or got caught in traffic, he was just pleased to see me and wanted to play! I quickly realised that he was getting bored, and once I did something about that everyone was happy!

brain training for pugs
Indoor ball pool! They love chasing the escapee balls and bringing them back!

Hugo and Holly have a children’s fabric tunnel that I put in the garden in nice weather and I use that a lot for brain training. I make a little obstacle course and get them to follow me round, I ask them to sit at certain points or to do a little trick like a high five or twirl! We love it because it’s exercising their body (and mine!) and it’s exercising their brain, but most of all it means we get to spend quality time together so everyone’s a winner!

brain training for pugs
Holly doesn’t look so sure about which way to go in the tunnel!

You can help prevent your pug from becoming bored by playing games, practising tricks and simply spending time with them.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share the ways I exercise Hugo and Holly’s brains so you can try them out with your pug too! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we share these exciting posts!



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  1. Amy
    13th June 2016 / 3:00 pm

    Simple but so effective! Thank you!

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