Communicating with your dog

Communicating with your dog

Dogs don’t speak English!

I know it’s a shocker isn’t it! I still talk to my pugs all the time though! I tell them I love them or how cute they are or I talk about what I’m cooking for tea as they follow me from one side of the kitchen to the other! I know they don’t really understand me but I love talking to them and actually we do communicate, I’ve just had to learn to speak their language instead!

If you’ve taught your dog to sit, or wee outside or if they wag their tail when you tell them they’re a good boy, then you’re communicating and if you’re communicating then you can teach them just about anything! They recognise the tone in your voice, or the chicken treats they get when you say sit! You could even teach the ‘quiet’ command to stop them barking if you work hard enough at it!

Communicating dog

Learning to communicate with your dog takes time and patience and it can feel like hard work but it’s very, very rewarding! I’m a great believer in positive reinforcement and I use it a lot in our training. Puppies don’t understand when you tut and shout and tell them off for the accident they had on the carpet 45 minutes ago but they do understand when you go outside every 20 minutes and they get a treat if they wee on the grass!

Hugo and Holly recognise words like walkies and tea-time but they don’t actually understand my spoken word unless I’ve created a connection, and I try to do that as often as possible. I love being able to communicate with them, I absolutely love it!

We now have to spell words like O.U.T if we’re thinking of taking them out because they know what it means! The easiest word to create a connection with was chicken! Of course it was, they love chicken! That’s now our trigger word if they’re outside and not responding to commands to call them inside!! Pugs do seem to have selective hearing sometimes! Of course if we use the chicken word then we need to have some chicken to give them or the effect of the word wears off!

Let me know how you get on communicating with your dogs! Do they respond to the chicken word like Hugo and Holly?


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