Flea Prevention Time

It’s time to top up your flea treatments now that spring has finally arrived!

We use Stronghold spot on for small dogs but I’d recommend you see your vet if you have a puppy or you’ve never used a flea prevention treatment before.

We buy ours from our vets and it’s really easy to apply, even on wriggly bum Holly, and it lasts a whole month!

flea prevention time

Simply pop open the packet, press the top down to puncture the top of tiny tube, remove the lid and squeeze the liquid out onto the back of the dogs neck (the skin not the fur!). The back of the neck is the perfect place because they can’t lick it but if you have more than one dog just keep an eye on them to be sure they don’t lick each other before it’s had chance to soak in and work it’s magic!

We tried a 3-monthly product simply because it lasts longer and is less faffing for us but in all honesty it was too easy to forget to put it on after 3 months of having to do nothing!

Now we write the day we applied the flea treatment on the calendar and put a reminder on next months too so we won’t forget!

Flea prevention will help keep them healthy and a healthy dog is a happy dog!



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