Happy Birthday Holly!

Holly turned 2 on Sunday!

We celebrated with cards and presents followed by a big walk around Yorkshire Sculpture Park and then a big snooze!

After the crazy time opening the presents Holly actually managed to sit still for a birthday photo!

They’re not so well behaved in the car so I has to sit in the back with them to make sure they settle! Holly loves the attention but Hugo’s not that fussed so long as he can lie down and snooze!

We try to go somewhere new every birthday so we’re having to travel a little farther afield now and it took aaaages to get there!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a beautiful place with lots of open land, wildlife and some stunning sculptures. Dogs have to stay on leads but Holly doesn’t play well with others so she’s used to the lead and didn’t really mind! Hugo just wanted to pee on stuff! We had a 90 minute walk and about 10 minutes from the end both Hugo and Holly had had enough and we nearly had to carry them! It’s a pug thing! Hugo gets tired out before Holly but we knew it’d been a long walk when Holly started dragging her heels!

Consequently they were extremely quiet in the car on the way home and I got to sit in the front like a grown up!



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