Happy Birthday Hugo!

Happy Birthday Hugo!


It was Hugo’s 3rd birthday today!!

We started the day with an eggy breakfast, Hugo and Holly love the occasional eggy breakfast, and when better to have something special than a birthday!

After breakfast Hugo opened his presents! A blue lion Kong toy, one of his favourites so he can never have enough of them and we definitely don’t ever want to run out of them! He also got a ball pool and, as you can see from the photo, he absolutely loved it!

Holly stole the blue lion Kong toy as soon as Hugo got it, of course, but when the ball pool appeared she dropped it and dived straight in! Hugo wasn’t so sure at first but when he saw how much fun Holly was having he ventured in too!

We spent the day playing in the ball pool, and chasing the escapee balls around the room! The balls are so soft that whenever one of them picked one up in their mouth it squished! They absolutely loved the ball pool, more than I thought they would!

I was going to bake a cake, a turkey mince cake, but went for cupcakes instead and I’ll share the recipe with you at a later date. I’d ordered a mini cake bunting for the cake from America but it didn’t arrive on time so I thought little blueberries on cupcakes looked cute instead!

I also decorated the house with felt ball garlands, hanging paper decorations and a giant balloon in the shape of a number 3! Holly spent about 10 minutes barking at the balloon when she first saw it which was so cute!



We spent the afternoon snoozing which really is the only way for a pug to spend their birthday! I think they were both exhausted from chasing each other for the blue lion and jumping in and out of the ball pool! We even threw in a little retrieve practise with the ball pool balls so we were all wiped out in the afternoon, even me!

Pug tea was chicken with sweet potato which they both gobbled in super speedy time!

We all had a wonderful day, especially Hugo!

Happy birthday my best boy!

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