How to Greet a Pug

Having an anxious pug, we’ve come across all sorts of issues and one of those was visitors to our home. Holly barks aggressively when she hears someone at the door and sometimes even when you’re just getting up and she thinks you’re going to go to the door! I know she thinks she’s being protective but it’s quite upsetting to see her so anxious and I probably wouldn’t blame people if they stopped visiting because of it!

how to greet a pug 2

So, first of all, how NOT to greet a pug, or any other dog for that matter….

Don’t lean over and stick your hand in their face.

Don’t touch their head or grab or hug them.

Don’t stare at them.

Don’t shout in their face.

Don’t grab or kiss them.

Doing any of this to a dog you don’t know is like a complete stranger giving you a big kiss, and you certainly wouldn’t find that acceptable would you!

The correct way to greet a pug…

Don’t make eye contact.

Stand in a non-threatening position – either back or side on to them

Let the dog approach you in their own time.

When they’re ready, pet or stroke them on the side of their face, or on their back.

This technique has worked well for Holly when she’s anxious around new people, especially new people invading her home (visitors!) Let us know if it’s worked for you too!



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