How to Tell your Dog you’re Pregnant!

We’re getting a human!!

Up until now Hugo and Holly have been my only babies but soon they’ll have a human brother or sister to share their time and space with!

Holly can sense there’s something different about me but Hugo is non the wiser. He’s a chilled out, easy going, relaxed pug so I don’t think it’s going to phase him much. When the time comes I’m sure he’ll take himself off to whichever bed is out of the way and sleep through it. He’s a bit of a barker so we may need to reintroduce some time out training to curb that but on the whole he’s a good boy. Holly on the other hand is anxious, noise phobic and very attached to me so I think we may have big problems when she’s no longer the baby!

From the moment I knew I was pregnant we’ve started introducing the idea to them. I bought a fantastic book called Tell Your Dog You’re Pregnant from Amazon and after reading through it we’ve started putting a few subtle things in place. One of the things recommended is introducing baby smells, baby toys and there’s even a CD included with the book (and you can get downloads) that has baby sounds on there! With Holly being noise phobic we’ll definitely be using that to slowly desensitise her!

Does this mean we have to share our toys?

We’re working really, really hard at making sure they stay as part of the family and one of the main things we’ve been teaching Holly is to go to her mat and stay there. The idea behind this, for me anyway, is that when someone rings the doorbell (I’m thinking of all the people coming to see the baby) we can ask Holly to sit and stay while we answer the door without her going absolutely crazy barking and running around, which is her current response!!

Hugo’s great at sit and stay, and will even stay while you go out of sight, so we’re just working on him associating the word ‘mat’ with him going to his mat.

I’ll keep you up to date with our progress and you can watch out for some mat training over on our Instagram Stories!


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  1. 14th August 2017 / 1:56 pm

    Congratulations! I never thought about having to adjust your pet to your new addition. Makes sense though!

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