Hugo’s Autumn Favourites

Hugo’s Autumn Favourites

Toys, Treats and Taking Naps!

Hugo loves his toys, he’s always got a soft toy in tow and this is his current favourite! We actually have 4 of the same toy so we can rotate between Hugo chewing a soggy tail on one, Holly stealing one, one being in the washing machine and one spare for emergencies!

I think it’s love!

Treats! Yes Hugo loves his food full stop but he’s a sucker for treats, in fact one of his trigger words is treats! His other is chicken! We try not to give him too many treats but if he’s been a good boy or behaved particularly well and playtime with a toy just isn’t cutting it then a twisty chew or a few  cheesy bites are a welcome reward for him!

Treats always make Hugo happy! Not these kind of course, although he does love to stare at anyone who might be eating them!

Naps! Find me a pug who doesn’t like to nap! Hugo could nap all day long, in fact somedays he does! He loves a big exciting adventure but he loves the nice long nap he can take at the end of it even more!!

Keeping one eye open in case there’s another adventure to be had before he’s finished his nap!

Watch out for some of Holly’s favourites coming soon and share your own pup’s favourites with us in the comments below, we love hearing from you!

love and pug hugs xo


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