Nose Wrinkle Maintenance

Pug wrinkles are cute aren’t they!

That nose wrinkle is especially adorable, but did you know they’re really high maintenance? Yep that nose and nose wrinkle takes some looking after to keep it looking cute as a button and in tip top condition!

nose wrinkle

All pugs are different of course and depending on your pug’s habits you’ll need to clean their nose wrinkle, and other facial folds, anywhere between once a week and once a day, but probably somewhere in between. Holly’s nose wrinkle is cleaned once a week but Hugo’s a bit of a scruff and needs his nose wrinkle, and his ears, cleaning every 2 to 3 days!

As Holly’s a very clean pug once a week I gently wipe her wrinkle with a clean dry cotton wool pad and that’s it, that’s all she needs.

Hugo however tends to nose his food around the bowl and outside he sniffs at every single thing in the garden which leads to a very dirty and sometimes itchy nose wrinkle. Every few days I wipe Hugo’s wrinkle, with a wipe specifically designed for a dog’s face, and then I dry it with a dry cotton wool pad and this is usually enough to keep it clean and healthy.

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If it’s been raining outside, your pug’s nose wrinkle can get wet too (if they like to sniff the grass like Hugo does!) and if left this can sometimes lead to an infection. If you’re cleaning and drying their wrinkle on a regular basis there shouldn’t be a problem but watch out for them pushing their face against the sofa or cushions or sometimes even your legs if they fuss around you as this can be a sign of an itchy wrinkle and it may need cleaning and drying a little more often.

If you do find your pug itching their face more than usual it’s a good idea to let the vet have a look and treat or rule out any kind of bacterial or fungal infection.

If you’ve ever had ‘athletes foot’ you’ll know how uncomfortable that is and how quickly you want it treated so looking after your pugs nose wrinkle properly will help them stay happy as well as healthy!


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