Holly’s Spay Surgery Drama

At the beginning of April 2019 we made the decision to book Holly in for spay surgery. She’s five years old and knowing that we’d never let her have puppies (I’d never sell or even give them away and I know I couldn’t cope with 6 more Hollys if we kept them so…!)

At the beginning of May 2019 Holly was booked for her surgery. Hugo was booked for his neuter surgery the following day so I took two days out to spend a bit of quality time with each of them separately and time off afterwards to look after them both.

The last time Holly stayed at the vets was for her umbilical hernia operation when she was a puppy and she hated it! She’s very much a mummy’s girl and her little face when the nurse took her away made me cry so much I couldn’t leave the room for a good 10 minutes! This time she was much better, she trotted off with the lovely nurse with only a little look back and no tears from me!

After dropping her at the vets I went to buy her a new bed so she could snuggle up all comfy when she got home but I didn’t make it that far. The nurse had said to ring after 2 to check when she could be picked up but less than two hours after dropping her off, around 10.30, my phone started ringing and ‘vets’ popped up on my screen. I was waiting to pay for Holly’s bed with a huge parcel under one arm and the bed under the other. I dropped the bed and answered my phone, already almost in tears fearing the worst.

The poor vet tried to explain what was happening, she started by saying ‘we have Holly on the table and we’ve opened her up’. I could barely speak and didn’t want to have a conversation where they potentially tell me Holly is dying (that was my fear) in the middle of a shop so I interrupted her by telling her I couldn’t have the conversation where I was and I’d ring her back in two minutes. I left the bed where I’d dropped it and ran out with my huge parcel, bearing in mind I was 8 months pregnant at the time it must have been a sight and a half!

I got back to the car in double quick time and rang straight back. I spoke to a lovely nurse who told me Holly was fine. I was sobbing, the kind of sobbing you’d hear from a young child where they can’t stop themselves or speak or breath.

She told me the vet had started removing Holly’s uterus and found a large mass of cells attached to her uterus and her abdomen wall and we had three options. Leave it and do nothing, take a biopsy and see what that showed up or remove it and send the whole thing away for analysis.

I didn’t have to think twice, remove it all.

When I went to collect Holly at 5.30, after dropping her off at 8.30 in the morning, she was feeling very sorry for herself. She’d spent almost 3 hours under anaesthetic having major surgery. We got a full written report of the days events which told me all about the extra surgery but also that Holly’s airways are very narrow and they had to use a smaller air pipe, that she panted a lot at the beginning but then held her breath because she didn’t like the taste of the anaesthetic! Little monkey!

I brought Holly home and snuggled up with her. She had about a tablespoon of rice and chicken and wouldn’t eat much more but the vet did say the anaesthetic would take a while to wear off properly. She wasn’t really back to herself for more than 24 hours and only ate something when Hugo came back from his neuter surgery almost pointing at his mouth demanding food! If he’s having chicken then so am I was the feeling I got!

We waited 10 days for the results of the analysis on the mass of cells removed. To our great relief the mass wasn’t cancerous.

I cried with pure happiness. Then we had more cuddles.


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