Pugs Are People Too!

If you’ve followed us here or on Instagram for a while you’ll know that we like to include Hugo and Holly in our family life as much as possible. They were our babies before we had babies and they’ve always been a big part of what we do.

When Teddy was born we made a huge effort helping Hugo and Holly get used to the idea of a new, and very different, pack member (you can read about that here) and now Teddy is getting older we’re making a big effort to ensure he becomes a kind, caring and very gentle brother to them.

If we want Hugo and Holly to spend time with us then we have to make sure everyone can live together in harmony. That means Hugo and Holly are kind and gently with Teddy and that Teddy understands there are limitations to what he can do with Hugo and Holly.

Being gentle and patient and not stealing Teddy’s toys for Hugo and Holly, and no face touching, no tail pulling and gentle hugs for Teddy!

Gentle hugs are good for everyone, it means Hugo and Holly understand that Teddy wants to be close to them and it means Teddy learns how to be gentle and kind. Hugo and Holly know they can say no to hugs by leaving the room and Teddy knows that they don’t always want hugs and when they leave he doesn’t follow them.

We’ve worked really hard with everyone to make sure we can all live together happily and come June it all starts again! Thankfully this time I’ll have a little helper who can show his new brother or sister how it works and the new baby will have someone to copy!

If you have any other tips for everyone getting along then let us know in the comments below!


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