Take your Dog to Work Day

Take your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day!!! Imagine how wonderful it would be if you were allowed to take your dog to work every day!

Personally I’d probably get nothing done because Holly would be constantly pawing to sit on my knee and I’d have to watch Hugo like a hawk because he’d be sniffing out great places to ‘leave his mark’!

Most Mondays they seem really glad to see the back of me because 10 minutes after I’ve left they’re snuggled up in their bed and snoring away! I think it’s after the excitement of the weekend when I’m home all day so they never really settle. Sometimes if Hugo’s reeeeealllllly sleepy, say after a long walk, he’ll go and get in his bed but Holly never will, she’s stuck to me like glue! The whole time! I really don’t mind, I’m used to it now, and it actually makes me feel really special that my little buddy wants to spend every waking moment with me!

Or maybe she just thinks I have treats! Yeah, probably treats!

take your dog to work day

Talking of treats, lately they’ve gotten into the habit of expecting a little something before I leave the house in the morning! Obviously something I’ve started without realising and probably something I should stop real soon, but I can’t, it’s so cute that they know I’m going! They’re so clever that they both go and stand by the fridge in expectation and I just don’t have the heart to say no! Plus, blueberries surely count as one of their 5-a-day!

While they wait for their treat it’s an opportunity for me to close the doggie gate (it’s a baby gate really!) without Holly sneaking out and going and hiding so the treat is obviously worth it to them! Once they’ve had their little snack I show them that my hands are empty and they know that means no more on offer so they wander away for a little mooch or to get a toy or a drink and they’re happy! And really that’s all that matters to me, that they’re happy (and that they don’t get fat with too many snacks) but most of all that they’re happy!

take your dog to work day

So if you don’t get chance to take your dog to work today why not give them a little extra attention when you get home, take the long route on your walk or play tug with their favourite toy with them!

Share your photos of your dog at work in the comments below or hashtag your Instagram snaps with #hugosadventures

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