What is Doggy Tapas?

What is doggy tapas and why do I feed it to Hugo and Holly?

Most days Hugo and Holly have a measured mix of kibble and wet food for both breakfast and tea. I mix up the flavours of their food but it’s basically the same every day. We usually feed half and half of a complete dry food and a complete wet food and some days all dry food or all wet food.

a pug dog staring intently at a bowl containing a mix of different food. The hand holding the black ergonomic bowl is wearing red nail varnish

I’m pretty sure I’d get bored if I had to eat the same thing every day (well unless it was chocolate buttons maybe!) so I was keen to try this doggie tapes idea I’d heard about.

We’d always added different fruit, vegetables and meat to Hugo & Holly’s diet but a programme we watched explained how doggy tapas can help exercise a dogs mind as well as well as being good for their tummy! It helps relieve boredom and the behaviour that can be associated with that, I’m thinking about Holly here!

Instead of the same two textures and the same mix of flavoured wet food every few days they experience a variety of tastes and textures in one meal. I imagine it like me having chocolate buttons every day, they’re nice but if I made that chocolate into a pudding one day or mixed it with bananas the next then it’s even nicer!

As pugs are notoriously greedy dogs we don’t feed doggy tapas every day as I’m not 100% sure on how much I can give without it being too much. We do like to do a ‘Sunday Dinner’ tapas though!

A great recipe book for dogs that includes a list of food they can eat is Dinner for Dogs by Henrietta Morrison We’ve used receipts in the book to make a minced lamb birthday cake and tuna treats!

Have you ever tried tapas for your pooches?

a lime green slow feeder dog tray. The tray is bone shaped with lots of crevices holding dog biscuits, chopped cooked chicken, peas, yoghurt and a portion of chopped fresh fruit, including raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. This is doggy tapas


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